Loop Dreams

Loop Dreams

Friday, December 6, 2013

Sept. 1, Gwynn's Island

September 1

Took off early afternoon with Betsy and Rick to rendezvoe with Cindy and John Esch from Dallas!
They met us at Gwynn's Island Museum which proved to be a glimpse into the past. Displays included many Indian & Colonial artifacts.  There were hundreds of arrowheads.  According to legend, Colonel Hugh Gwynn was exploring the Chesapeake Bay and heard cries for help near an island at the mouth of the Plankitank River.  Seeing an overturned canoe, he spotted a young girl in
the water and rescued her.  She was Pocahontas, the princess daughter of Chief Powhatan.  In gratitude for saving her life she gave the island to Col. Gwynn.  A nice story, but in actual fact,
Gywnn was given several land grants including most of the island by King James I of England.
Four Texas Loopers, Ken, Barb, Cindy and John from Dallas

Ken, Rick, John, Barb, Betsy & Cindy at Gwynn's Island Museum


Monday, October 14, 2013

10-10 Dermopolis

After Ken discovered that Columbus, Mississippi did not have a travel lift we kept on cruising  to Pirates Cove, and then on to Demopolis, Alabama.  We have our Silverton up for sale, and once we  receive a contract on the boat, Loop Dreams will need to be hauled out.  Demopolis is a fresh water marina and we are hoping that she will find a good home!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10-9 Heading to Columbus, Mississippi

Last day cruising!!!  Not quiet!



Dinner at Down Yonder

October 8, Heading to Midway Marina

We stuck our nose into our first anchorage on the trip...


Cruised to Grand Harbor Marina and celebrated crossing our wake!



Celebrating crossing our wake at Grand Harbor with other Loopers.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oct. 6, Swallow Bluff anchorage

With the thunderstorm last night we were fortunate to be tied to the fuel dock at Cuba Landing Marina.   We had plans of leaving at 7AM, but with the heavy rain we waited until 10:30AM and decided to cut our cruise plan to 60 miles.  Once we left the marina and crossed under the Cuba Landing Highway Bridge the Kentucky Lake ends.  The limestone-lined Tennessee River was the predominant feature for most of the day.  We passed about 5 barges today and commented how much smaller they are than what we encountered on the Mississippi.
Feeling better today.  Unfortunately, I had a reaction to the steroid shot and my face turned beet red and was puffy yesterday.  I had a prickly sensation up and down my arms and on my face and a very restless night.  I am ready to feel healthy again!
We pulled into Swallow Bluff Island at mile marker 169.3 and anchored in 15 feet of water. 

Loop Dreams secured at the fuel dock at Cuba Landing Marina.

Houses on the limestone bluffs.

Lady Finger Bluff at mile marker 130.is where the river narrows and the current picks up.
We were bucking the 1 1/2 mile current the rest of the day.
Swallow Bluff Island anchorage.